Montag, 18. Februar 2013

Lots of JCrew goodies - my reviews(picture heavy!)

My husband just came back from dallas and atlanta and he got me quite a few things:)
Finally i could look at the january and february styleguide and the new Harpers Bazaar.It is just such a difference to only seeing the items\colors online.

This is my (belated) valentines gift. I told him to pick between the beaded rrose bracelet and this one. He thought the roses were huge,so he went with the more classic choice,which is fine by me:)
It is a little long on me,because i have tiny hands,but i can make it a little shorter with clasping it in the second hole(if that makes sense).
Since it has so many pave stones it doesnt look to yellow gold-ish.
I was a little shocked that the SA who sold it to my husband didnt put the bracelet in a pouch or a box. It was just in a tiny little plastic bag,which did not make a nice presentation for a bracelet that is not cheap.

close-up,it is very sparkly

on my wrist

Next up are two vintage tees in sweet mint and neon violet.
I am a xxs in the vintage tees,but i thought i will size up for more slouch.
They fit,but they are loose.
The colors are georgious.

All of my stuff,looks like the easter bunny threw up,haha.

This is the tippi in lemon pulp,size xs.
I really like the yellow,it is bright,but not neon bright.
It fits TTS.

with the mini bag in rose dust


vintage tee in sweet mint

same with different lighting

tippi with linen scarf in mint

vintage tee in neon violet with mini bag


I was super excited to get the mini bag in the rose dust and it didnt dissapoint!
The size is perfect,not too big or small.The color is beaujtiful too,it goes with all of my candy pastell colors in the tees and sweaters.
The leather feels very soft and hopefully the quality will be good.

It was very carefully packaged  and stuffed with paper.

The lipstick is the face stockholm in martini(looks bright orange online).
IRL it is very different,sheer and not orange at all.
It looks exactly like on the model on the february style guide(see second pic).
I have to say i am a little dissapointed with it.

see how sheer it is on the model?

Last item is the linen scarf,which i think is def. not worth full price(it was on promo in the store).
It is very snag-prone and super fluffy. The fluffyness makes it huge aroung the neck.The color is a bright mint.

I had a fun time today trying all of my things and hopefully it will get a little warmer in march,so i can wear some brighter colors.

What do you think?

Do you like my gifts?


  1. Looks like you received all kinds of great goodies! I'm loving all the spring colors :)

    1. Hi Tasia,i love all the colors too.
      Surprises are so much fun:)

  2. i'm glad the Tippi is a true yellow. Too bad about the scarf and lipstick, but at least you have lots of other items to love. :)
    The neon violet vintage t almost had me but I resisted! Do you own any other vintage cotton t-shirts? You will want to be careful washing them (gentle/handwash cycle). The vintage t's I own eventually develop those little holes (even w/delicate handling) along the bottom front of the tee, so I try (tried) to handle them like the delicate flowers they are...but a t-shirt shouldn't require delicate handling! lol ;)
    Thanks for the reviews, Ina!

    1. The tippi looks lighter in the pics than it is IRL,but it is still a nice yellow.
      I own a couple vintage tanks and one of them has some holes.Maybe next time i am geting more of the perfect tees,if the new tees get holes too.
      Youre right tees shouldnt require delicate handling and i dont want to fuss with that.
      The neon vintage would look nice on you:)

      Have a great day!

    2. I meant the neon lilac vintage tee would look nice on you:)

  3. awesome goodies! LOL at your Easter bunny threw up comment. So funny. Pretty pastel colors and spring is coming :) I was thinking about getting the mini bag too. So cute and the color is so spring.

    1. Hi Small Town Gal,you should def get the bag,it is so nice.I think the color will be very versatile with all the bright spring colors.

  4. I am so happy for you Ina, your DH did good. I can't wait for spring now after reading this post. Enjoy your J.crew haul and smile...NJ

    1. Hi NJ,thank you for your nice words!
      I really enjoy all the things i have and now it only needs to get warm:)

  5. Ina! Love these easter bunny colours - they make me very happy as they remind me of Spring, Spring, Spring! I like your husband's choice. If you care for a knock-off - Joe Fresh has one for around $12, sans crystals in center of roses. I will take a picture of one for you later this week and if you like it, can pick it up and send it along!

    1. Hi WMM,the colors make me happy too:)
      I would love to see a pic of the joe fresh bracelet.
      Thank you so much!!

  6. Hi Ina, what an excellent haul, lucky you! I love the pastel colours, so fresh and pretty. The mint scarf and Tippi sweater look really cute on you. I ordered the Tippi cardigan in the lemon pulp colour, can't wait to get it. I am thinking of ordering the Factory version of the pave crystal bracelet as it is on promo today with 30% off and free shipping. It is backordered, but I don't mind waiting.

  7. Hi Louise,i think either one of the versions of the pave crystal bracelet is a classic and they are beautiful,so with the 30% and FS its a good deal(sorry for the enabeling).

    I cant wait to see the tippi cardigan on you,it really is a lovely yellow.
    Btw,i returned my flower pants and i am on the hunt for a pair like you have(with a black background).
    They were a tad to bright for me:)

  8. Ina, I think the bracelet was a better choice for you, you have a small wrist like me and I thought the Beaded Rose was too overwhelming on me. Plus my local B&M SA said that they have had a couple of returns on them due to cracking and breaking. Love the other items on you, great spring colors. Enjoy.

    1. Thank you JRSConifer!
      I think you are right with the beaded rose bracelet.The pave link bracelet is a classic and i can wear it for a long time. I am trying to find a cheap dupe for the beaded rose bracelet like the one WMM mentioned above from joe fresh.
      Good to know it was overwhelming on you,so i dont have second thoughts,lol.

  9. Ina, love those colours on you! The neon violet is fab - such a great Spring colour. I also love the aqua scarf with the yellow tippi!

    Great haul - it must have been so exciting to unpack!

    Thanks for visiting my blog, too!

    1. Ruth,i love your blog!
      It is nice to see pics on how the clothes fit on another petite:).
      Yeah for Jcrew shipping aroung the world!!!!

  10. So many pretty things, Ina! I think that your DH chose really well. :)

    I have the pave' bracelet, and it is one of my favorites (I wear it constantly). I think you will end up wearing it all the time, too.

    Enjoy all of your new goodies!

    1. Thank you FFM!
      I have alredy not taking of the bracelet since taking this pics,it is such a glamourous classic.
      It feels very me!